We love seeing what creative things happen with our fabrics, and will be showcasing more very interesting uses and beautiful results from our customers. If you would like to contribute - just let us know.

Remarkable Reusable Nappies


Lady B By Ush Sq B

What a wonderful practical and sustainable item! Using soft, natural and absorbing fleecy from our range (FHOCFLNAT & FBHFLNAT), one of our clever customers has made some remarkable reusable nappies. Sadly, these ones are not for sale but...

Durable AND Soft T-Shirt!


Anonymous To Upload Sq B

A clever customer (shy - lets call him J...)  has made some "durable but still very soft and comfortable" T-Shirts with some Hemp Organic Cotton Elastane fabrics (FHOCELF). The featured image (using FHOCELFMIL) shows both the simple design...

Embroidery Excellence


Almost Iris 1

Embroidery Excellence... You can see this for yourself.   This is not just a title for a blog post, it is the amazing transformation the company Almost Iris have made on some tote bags from our range (H00G3U). The simple designs...

Mint Australian Prints


2nd River Mint Print 1

River Mint Prints have done it again - Australian-Style Prints with stunning results!

This Australian wattle print has great details and transforms the wide hemp organic cotton (FHOCWideU) they used into amazing products. Anyone would be proud to...

Definitely Worth Keeping


Alca Jay 1 Sq B

Alca Jay show their stunning work with these wonderful bags that practice what they preach - they are made to keep! Using hemp webbing for the handles (HWB25CCVNAT) these bags would be able to carry a good load and would be comfortable to hold...

All The More Pawfect!


2nd Greenpaws 1 Sq B

Greenpaws have shown their pawfect collars all the more! Their website is booming with great pictures of the collars made from hemp webbing (HWB25CCV). So many people would be dying to get one for their dogs!

2nd Greenpaws 1 Sq B

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