We love seeing what creative things happen with our fabrics, and will be showcasing more very interesting uses and beautiful results from our customers. If you would like to contribute - just let us know.

Beautiful Baby Bibs


Wombat And Poss 1

Cuddly bibs for cuddly babies! An exciting creation made by Wombat and Poss using some hemp/organic cotton fleecy knit (FHOCFLNAT). The back of the bib is what matters the most because it is what the baby feels. Any baby would be delighted to...

What a Dress!

Rodrigo De Paulo 1 Sq

A backless halter neck to make heads turn! Using a hemp cotton knit (FHOCELBLK) Rodrigo DePaulo have created a beautiful dress. With the name Tally-ho on their webpage, this dress would not only be beautiful but also extremely comfortable. The...

Block Printed Napkins


Rose And Byron 2

Rose and Byron have mastered block printing these beautiful designs. The have transformed our reusable fabric napkins (X031Napkin) with this process as you can see above. People would definitely want to use these wonderful napkins more than once!...

Coffee Bags!


Wild Edges Coffee Bags 1

Bio-Mesh Coffee Bags. What a smart and useful creation by Wild Edges! They chose to use the 100% hemp fabric FH100SFCNAT which works perfectly for this product.  Strong, but lightweight with just the right permeability for a delightful cup...

Natural Baby Shirt


Lotusflower Baby Shirt

This product could bring out your inner 'clucky'. The soft natural properties of our unbleached knit fabric (FHOCTKU) work perfectly with the design for this baby shirt. Lotusflower have done a spectacular job making a practical design  and...

Twine Transformation


Will's Rope 1

Will's Rope have transformed hemp twine into sturdy beautiful ropes. Using HTM1kgNAT, they have made the twine into many different weights of rope. Real handmade hemp rope like was commonly used on sailing ships in years gone by!

Will's Rope 2

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