We love seeing what creative things happen with our fabrics, and will be showcasing more very interesting uses and beautiful results from our customers. If you would like to contribute - just let us know.

"Suki desu ka?"


Claire O'loughlin 1

Claire O'Loughlin is a very talented student who provided us with photos showing off "a handful of angles/variations on [her] assignment using [our] stunning unbleached hemp/organic cotton blend". (FHOC16SU)

Cleverly reworking classic white...

Spectacular Sanitary Pads


Jo Watson 1

Scarlet Eve have made some wonderful sanitary pads called Curvy Pads! Eco-friendly, soft and great looking! All a great idea. To accomplish the soft core they have used the bamboo hemp fleecy from our range (FBHFLNAT).  Although not...

Darling Denim Dresses


Kaitlyn Hayes 1

By the Sea Eden have created a beautiful selection of dresses. Above and below are a snapshot of the creations they have made with denim indigo hemp organic cotton (FHOC16SDIND).  This fabric is lightweight - like a chambray.  They...

Tote Bags... Get them Quick!


Hemp Store

Hemp Store branded Tote Bags (H00GU) are very popular! 

Anya let us know, "Our tote bags have gone really well. We offer them for sale for $20 each or free with orders over $100. We are almost out!"

With great quality and aesthetic its no...

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