We love seeing what creative things happen with our fabrics, and will be showcasing more very interesting uses and beautiful results from our customers. If you would like to contribute - just let us know.

All The More Pawfect!


2nd Greenpaws 1 Sq B

Greenpaws have shown their pawfect collars all the more! Their website is booming with great pictures of the collars made from hemp webbing (HWB25CCV). So many people would be dying to get one for their dogs!

2nd Greenpaws 1 Sq B

Crochet Creation


East Of Africa Sq B

This picture shows East of Africa at work! Transforming the hemp twine (HT1-1kgNAT) into wash cloths by hand is no easy feat... but this company has done it! They have made such a useful, all natural crochet creation that could be used for such a...

Painting a Picture


Nannup Hemp Company 1 Sq B

Who knew 100% hemp fabric (FH100DOWST) could be made so much more beautiful!? The paintings done by Marion at Nannup Hemp Company have brought this fabric to life - such talent must be shared! 

Marion was also in awe of the fabric stating,...

Drum Roll Please...


Ascension Drumsticks 2 Sq B

The company Ascension Drumsticks have transformed double rain dew hemp fabric (FH100DRD) into some sleeves for drumsticks. 

This is an awesome way to use the fabric. The properties of the hemp help to protect the drumsticks... it also...

Beautiful Baby Blankets


Little Soul Organics 1 Sq B

It's undeniable that Little Soul Organics have done a wonderful job of making beautiful baby blankets! The soft fleecy back (FHOCFLNAT) will definitely help mothers get their children to sleep... and they won't need to worry about chemicals...

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