We love seeing what creative things happen with our fabrics, and will be showcasing more very interesting uses and beautiful results from our customers. If you would like to contribute - just let us know.

Is the Canvas Part of the Art?


Gilbert Grace 1

Gilbert Grace has done some intricate artworks on some Hemp Canvas (FH100HCVU) from our range. It is amazing how he has transformed the fabric into beautiful art! The question then comes as to whether the canvas is part of the art! 


Tea Towels and Tote Bags... Terrific!


Andrea Shilling 1

Coffee Bondi Beach have nearly sold out of their Tea Towels and Tote Bags. They have placed their logo on our plain bags and towels (H00GU and X030-Org) to recreate them into a great product. The photos speak for themselves!

Andrea Shilling 1Andrea Shilling 1

Royalty Through Robes


Robeology 1

Robeology is a talented company that have used Hemp/Tencel (FHTMPLUM) to create the beautiful robe shown. This robe comes complete with both outer and inner ties (pictured below). The designer/maker stated "It was lovely fabric to work with."


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