About our Company

“I like to know who I am dealing with”

From 2003 Hemp Wholesale Australia has been an import and wholesale company specializing in textiles made from sustainable and organic fibers. Yes, we are more than 15 years on! We source and supply quality natural products, especially hemp products, business to business. Our product focus has changed over time, having produced a successful bodycare range, an Australian clothing range, and supplied almost everything ‘hemp’. We now primarily provide fabrics and printable items, with a range of  twines/webbing/rope/fibre..

We are an Australian owned, family company that started as a home business and from 2007 have been in a commercial property . Our company has expertise in health, textiles (including screenprinting and dyeing), clothing & homewares design and manufacture, customer service, finance, marketing and business management.

Hemp Wholesale Australia aims to continue to educate people in the amazing properties of hemp and the enormous benefits that hemp provides. We believe that people are valuable, that we have a duty to care for our world, and that hemp offers us an opportunity to help people and the earth.
We are student friendly, and manufacture some of our hemp products here in Australia. We can manufacture for you either in Australia or Internationally. We are happy to be in a green and clean business, and hope you are too.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you.