Shipping and Ordering

See our ANSWERS page for details of How to Order, cost and methods of Shipping and more.

Before you Order: *  Eco and sustainable textile production brings out many of the beautiful and natural characteristics of each fabric. It also makes it challenging to regulate specific fabric properties or match lot to lot exactly. Even though each lot has been carefully inspected, minor product variation still occurs (but is considered within tolerance range). Please check with one of our customer service representatives before ordering if you are concerned about matching a previous order.
* Please specify if you need continuous lengths of fabric. Multiple cuts may occur due to the length limits of some of our fabrics.

After you receive your Order:* Please check your order for any inconsistencies before cutting, dyeing, or laundering the fabric. Unfortunately, we cannot take
returns if you have altered the fabric in any form. For more detail see our RETURNS policy.

Body 1

Recreated Sailors' Uniforms using HEMP Fabric.