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Composition 100% Hemp
Weight in gsm 340
Weave Plain
Drape Medium
Fabric Width in cm 147
Country of Origin Romania
Boutique Fabric Yes

100% Hemp European Midweight Unbleached

As part of our PREVIEW EXCLUSIVE RANGE this European midweight 100% Hemp woven fabric is soft and classy, but with good body. The unbleached colour is the European hemp colour - a deeper tone than from Asia. This weave and weight is good for garments - pants, skirts, and more, and also ideal for cushions, lampshades and more. Our PREVIEW EXCLUSIVE RANGE will cost around double or more than double our Asian sourced hemp fabrics of similar weight. We don't hold stock but can order easily for you. You are welcome to purchase a sample, if for you the uniqueness of the fabric outweighs the much higher costs. You are welcome to ask us for an indicative price range and, if you like the sample we can quote you for a specific quantity.


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FSample -FH100EMU