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Weight in gsm 300
Weave Plain
Drape medium
Fabric Width in cm 150
Composition Hemp 55% Organic Cotton 45%
Country of Origin China

Hemp Organic Cotton 7s Yarn Dyed Cobblestone

An exclusive fabric we designed and had especially manufactured for us. This fabric is very much like our regular 7s Hemp/Organic Cotton blend fabric, but before being woven, some of the yarn was dyed to a Cobblestone colour - similar to a raw linen colour. This yarn, blended with a natural creamy hemp colour gives the beautiful, very natural appearance of this fabric. Use for tea towels, cushions and other homewares, or natural look skirts, dresses and more. Light enough tone to print on easily. ____*** Ask for details and availability of Seconds - 2nds fabric -- these may have some small thread loops on back of fabric. Quite OK if using for things like cushion covers where one side is not seen. ***


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