Hemp rope 4mm 1 Hemp rope 4mm 2
Hemp rope 4mm 1 Hemp rope 4mm 2 Hr4 sof 50m Hr4 sof close


Colour Natural Brown
Dimensions in mm 4 mm diameter
Country of Origin China/Eastern Europe

Hemp Rope 4 mm diameter - 50m coil

Hemp Rope - 3 strand in natural brown colour or NEW SOFtened (lighter colour). Both soft on hands, but SOFtened also good on soft skin areas - use for shoulder bags or garment straps etc. Please enquire about any bulk requirements or different diameters. Tie up your dog, use on boats, or to tie down loads, use for crafts or decorative purposes . Heaps of uses. Price is for 50m coil. Natural brown colour is also available per metre. *_* Dec 2018 - Softened sold out - let us know if you need stock *_*


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