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Composition 100 Linen
Weight in gsm 280
Weave Plain - with slub
Drape Low
Fabric Width in cm 150
Country of Origin Lithuania

Linen 100% Thick/Thin Midweight - Oatmeal

Lovely Linen from Lithuania. A great midweight fabric that will work well for garments such as skirts or jackets, as well as cushion covers, tea towels, lampshades and other homewares. It has a smooth, semi-crisp feel with thick and thin yarn variations or 'slubs'. The Oatmeal colouring is from the 2 tone yarns, with the 'linen grey' and the lighter semi-bleached yarn. A Natural winner! Nov 15, 2019___ Stock came in and was snatched up More coming - ask us for an update on timing___


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