What if I don’t run a business?
If you would like particular products you see on our website, you can email us giving details of the products you are after.
Using the details you provide, we will refer you to the nearest retailer - if there is one available  who can provide the products you wish to have. The more information you give, the better we can help. 

We suggest you contact one of the following for products you see on our site:

Product Types Location/Type Contact Details
Fabric Brisbane Retail Store Calico House 07 3367 0615
Fabric NSW Online Store Michelle 0411 549 866
Fabric and Printable Items NSW Online Store Tatjana 0427 316 248
ALL WA Online Retailer Judy 0408 926 594 Hempmore

 They won’t necessarily have everything on their website, but just ask for what you want and they will most likely be able to help you.

OR - Email us your retail product enquiries using the form below

Retail Enquiry Form