For our wholesale customers we have fabric sample sets available to purchase. Fabrics B1 

See Sample Sets below, and list of set contents at bottom of page.

NOTE:  We do recommend you see samples before purchasing quantities of fabric. Colours shown on the website are limited by technology. They can't appear exactly as the real thing.

We have grouped fabrics to make samples most relevant & affordable for you. The sets have a piece of each fabric the size of a large postage stamp (reference samples: 2.4 x 4cm) arranged in a brochure style. This comes with a list with full composition, width and weight details, including wholesale pricing.  All 4 sets you get all our fabrics - excluding the PREVIEW EXCLUSIVE range.
Once you have a sample set and select the particular fabric(s) you are most interested in, you can request from us complimentary custom samples (9x 12cm) - the size of a postcard or photo— to see the real colours, feel the texture, body and drape of each piece. 

  • Yes, for registered customers we are happy to send up to 3 small reference samples (2.4 x 4cm) at no cost. However we find that often there may be a few other fabrics close to what you choose, that may be what would really suit you best, and that many people end up deciding to purchase a set anyway so they can plan their future projects.
  • You get good value from a set - when we add new fabrics to the range, we give you the option to receive complimentary update swatches and information.
  • If you are retailing the fabric, or if you are making something for someone, you can show your customers - no pricing on the swatches, and we do not sell to the general public - they need to come through you to purchase

List of Sample Set Contents

Fabric Sample Lists:   Click Link to view/download pdf list for each sample set
FAB FIBRES - All hemp and hemp-blend woven, un-dyed fabrics
TO DO and DYED - All hemp and hemp-blend woven woven, coloured fabrics
KNITS - All Knit fabrics
NATURAL EARTH - Woven non-hemp Natural Fibre Fabrics