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26-6-2020 UPDATE

We are currently in negotiations with a family that are very keen to take over Hemp Wholesale Australia. They look forward to getting to know you, our customers, and to assist you in your projects and businesses.
There is still a hold on trading. No new orders, no new customers, BUT we expect to be able to give you more details around July 10th on when trading will commence again and who the new owners are. If things go to plan there will still be packing up and relocating all the stock and equipment, so still some weeks away yet, but we did want to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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Explanatory Message

I’m writing to you a message from my heart. I am sad because after getting very close to being able to pass on the business to a new family that were keen to carry it into the future, the sale did not go through. It is understandable that in the suddenly changed economic climate due to the world pandemic that they were not comfortable to take on a new endeavour. My main sadness is that it means that from 23/3/2020 we have put a hold on trading. No new orders, no new customers.  I am sorry that my health will not allow me to continue.

Our team packed up all the stock on hand, plus furniture and equipment, and moved out of our premises by 31/3/2020. We are all very sad because we have so enjoyed getting to know you, our customers, and assist you in your projects and businesses. You can see many of  the myriad of very special creations our many customers have made on our BLOG. Some of our customers have been with us for the whole 16 ½ years I have been owning and managing the business, and we know that because we can’t supply our customers any longer, it will have a negative effect on you all.
One saying we have in our team is “You can’t do what you can’t do”. If it is just not possible, then there is nothing gained by beating yourself up. An attitude of acceptance of and reconciliation to the circumstances is what we are trying to cultivate. Because of my health, I am not able to continue running the business. I can’t do it. And I can’t guarantee a great future for all my customers and suppliers and staff either.
So, where does the hope come in?  There is hope that Hemp Wholesale Australia will be discovered by someone keen to take it into the future. We have a large quantity of stock. And, when we were expecting to pass on the business, we ordered 2 further shipments, which are still to come. We still have our website with its specially designed functions, we still have our terrific suppliers, and we can still reach out to you, the customers. We will do this, update you, at the next crossroads, sometime later in 2020. 

Sandi Maxwell
Managing Director


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